$50 Robot FAQ

Why wont my LED light up?

The LED wont light up until you program the robot. The LED is controlled via the code rather than just being hooked straight up to the power. Also make sure you have your LED wired in the correct direction as they are polarized which means current will only flow through them in one direction.

Which connector should I get on my battery?

A "Hitec" universal 3 pin male connector will fit over the 3 pin battery connector on the circuit perfectly and is recommended to have on your battery.

What if I get a different battery? What should I look for?

If you get a different battery it is important that the voltage does not have a much higher rating than 6v. Any higher and it could cause the voltage regulator to heat up more at lower currents and possibly burn itself out very quickly(with a 6v battery being drained at 200mA, thats 1v at 200mA being converted to heat, so 200mW of energy is being converted to heat. A 9v battery at the same current draw would be converting 1W to heat!) . Also, voltage goes directly from the battery into the servos to power them up so you dont want to give them more voltage than they can handle. Also, you will want the highest power hour rating("milliamp hour", "amp hour", "mAh", "Ah") as possible. The power hour rating tells you how much current the battery can supply for a certain amount of time before the voltage starts to drop significantly resulting in your batteries "dying" and needing a recharge. Also, some batteries can be dangerous if handled improperly such as Lithium Polymer(LiPo) batteries. Do some research on how different battery types(ex. NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, etc) have different pros and cons.









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Last Update: 5/10/09